Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CPTPL) believes and is duty bound to serve its customer at full commitment. CPTPL through its DataFirst wing serves all the clients with highly secured round the clock data availability. CPTPL has been constantly evolving its capabilities to provide complete suite of critical and non critical IT services along with data center services like storage, backup, security, disaster recovery, technical consultancies, business management, SaaS etc.

Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to offer you services which will touch your pocket least.  With this philosophy, CPTPL gives the data first services at one of the most competitive price and all its software are open source in nature which off course doesn’t limit the individualistic preferences of platform and requirement. CPTPL has developed its own capabilities and infrastructure to provide end to end custom solutions catering to every requirement.

Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt Ltd is led by the visionary industry veteran known for his multi-skilled acumen and already witness to enumerable successful entrepreneurship experiences. His unrivaled business insight has given a qualitative edge to the CPTPL service delivery policies and strong industry value proposition.