Businesses today have to address a vast array of regulatory compliance needs around data privacy & security, intellectual property management. With high cost of non –compliance (penalties, license cancellations, downtime, etc.), enterprises are under pressure to ensure timely and robust third-party audits. Looking beyond regulatory compliances, enterprises in any case need to address the increasing possibility of vulnerabilities within mission critical applications and data, due to a constantly changing IT environment.

This is where CPTPL’s Security Audit & Testing services make a big difference. Other than being a certified CERT – IN Empaneled Information Security Auditor, CPTPL brings to you a world-class service quality team dedicated to security, best-of-breed technology skills and leading partner tie-ups. What makes us stand out among normal Security Audit & Testing companies is our ability to not just recommend, but also execute the recommended changes to our customer’s IT environment.

Our Security Audit & Testing services are driven by decades of cumulative experience and a specialized team that combines cutting-edge technology tools and the vast power of human intelligence.

VAPT is an on-demand solution which makes it convenient to run tests over the Internet anywhere, anytime. It is a hybrid solution which blends automated testing with security expert analysis. This blended model provides the best quality test coverage while accelerating the test time. The unique technology identifies all possible attack vectors.

CPTPL VAPT can simulate attack scenarios to find all possible attack paths within applications or networks along with suitable remedies

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