Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt Ltd (CPTPL) main focus areas include Operation & Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Installations & Support Utilities, Power House, Substation, Lifts, Air-Conditioning Systems, Pumping Installations, Fire-fighting Systems, Elevators, Building Management Systems, UPS, and others. All the services are backed by skilled, professional & technical manpower.


Backed by skilled, professional & technical manpower we are familiar with both predictive and non-predictive maintenance techniques serving a wide range of electro-mechanical equipment. We adhere to international best practices combined with manufacturer’s operation and maintenance data while operating.


CPTPL’s DC Facilities manages 24x7 operation which covers:

  • 1st level support
  • Data center facilities management
  • Account management
  • Fault and performance monitoring
  • Asset/ Incident management
  • Smart Hand services
  • Servers Health Check services
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Oversee hardware installations/maintenance
  • Perform system programming and administrative tasks
  • Configure system resources to meet operating environment
  • Perform & assist in Disaster Recovery
  • Manage off-site storage

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