Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt Ltd has been innovating constantly to improve upon its services on regular basis as well as unveil new products and innovative services to create a benchmark in the industry. CPTPL always experiments with open source technology and tools to innovate and customize the best possible solutions to fit in to any business and individual needs.


Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt Ltd believes in the best utilization of readily available resources and the adaption to open source technology. Going by the above principle, most of the solutions available at CPTPL are based on open source technology which gives the user an automatic advantage of free application.


Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt Ltd harbors technology driven automation and efficiency. With the use of its own, state of art green multi located data centers, CPTPL has customized the critical IT solutions to provide all technology solution from single platform i.e., solutions and hosting both at single junction. Besides, CPTPL has combined its expertise of data center project setup, maintenance and management to come up with the complete expertise data center consultancies and support services viz. Facility Management of Data Center where experts are well aware of and knows the know-how of data center and proper handling of the critical infrastructure present. One can be assured of right personnel for right job.


Cloud Planet Technologies Pvt Ltd has adapted to green technology. DataFirst, the data center wing of CPTPL has already expanded to three different data centers at Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Jaipur and two more are in project phase. DataFirst first and foremost step in green initiative has been its reduced energy usages in all its data centers. CPTPL always experiments with alternate technology and various solutions to improve its infrastructure and services ensuring peace of mind for all its users.